Event Planning

Many factors go into making an event successful. Proper planning is most important. Having adequate and well-placed restroom facilities can have a significant impact on the attitude and enjoyment of the attendees. Providing too few restrooms can mean long wait periods for your guests and patrons, unsanitary conditions, and result in a negative impact to your bottom line. Always remember, a bad experience with portable restrooms can negatively affect the user’s attitude toward the event itself. Don’t let that happen to you. Our special event coordinators can help you determine and plan the placement and the overall quantity of restroom units you’ll need to accomodate your function/gathering for maximum guest enjoyment.

Our Special Events Coordinators can also arrange for special VIP services; please call for more information regarding:

  • Floral or balloon arrangements
  • Customized banners with event messages
  • Restroom attendant(s)
  • And more!
NOTE: During the peak warm weather months we highly recommend making a reservation for your special event a minimum of 90 days in advance to ensure availability and scheduling.