Did You Know? – Event Facts


  • If alcoholic beverages are served at your event it will increase the use of the restrooms by 13%.
  • The more women at your event increases the number of toilets you will need to insure no one is waiting in line.
  • The average restroom usage time per visit for men is 54 seconds and women are 75 seconds.
  • A portable restroom facility uses 90% less water than a conventional flush toilet.
  • Each standard portable restroom unit has 125 average uses.
  • When ordering portable toilets for special events, ADA guidelines require one wheelchair accessible restroom per grouping of restrooms setup or 5% of the total restrooms provided at a single location.
  • Every city/county/public facility has various guidelines pertaining to portable restrooms, fencing, etc., so our special event coordinators will help determine what your individual needs are based upon event location to meet these specific criteria.