Did You Know? – Jobsite Facts


  • For 5 or fewer employees OSHA states you only need one toilet with a lock for both male and female workers.
  • On jobsites with more than 5 workers you must have separate male and female facilities.
  • OSHA requires that you have a hand wash station as well as a toilet.
  • Free standing hand wash station required for 5 or more employees.
  • Toilets should be placed within 200 feet/60 meters of actual work area.
  • The fine for public urination in California is $270 for first-time offenders
  • Providing a portable restroom on the job site is likely to provide significant labor savings/time by reducing the distance an employee must travel to use a restroom. According to a study conducted by the University of Missouri- St.Louis, “Provision of Sanitation Facilities at Construction Sites”, contractors earned an 850% return on their investment in portable facilities, since it was estimated that the average time associated with an employee using an off-site restroom was 7 minutes.
  • Providing portable sanitation on job-sites where it is not available promotes goodwill and support not only from public regulatory authorities such as OSHA inspectors, the health department and environmentalists, it also helps to ensure site and building owners that clean and sanitary conditions are being maintained on their property.
  • Outdoor workers will appreciate clean toilets, and have higher productivity and morale.