Get Crafty with Toilet Paper Rolls

12 Great Seasonal Toilet Paper Roll Craft Projects Ideas Being in the portable restroom industry we have our fair share of left over toilet paper rolls. That being said, I was amazed with all the different craft projects out there on sites like Pinterest that had a plethora of very cool ideas on how to […]

HomeAid Sacramento Trap-Shoot Fundraising Event

On Friday, August 23rd – Area Restroom Solutions assisted with the HomeAid Sacramento Trap-Shoot Fundraising event. This is one of the major fundraising events of the year, and it was projected that over $85,000 was raised to support HomeAid’s work in the community. The event was held at Coon Creek in Lincoln. This event helps […]

A Hard Day’s Work

This past week, Chelsea, our Construction & Job Site Services Representative, accompanied one of our valued route drivers out into the field to do a QC check. At Area Restroom Solutions, we feel it’s imperative to have a checks and balance system that ensures our weekly portable toilet/handwash station services are up to snuff. We […]