We love our customers!

When Maggie Phippen at Intents Emergency Response was planning a surprise birthday party for her Mother, near Placerville, she knew she’d need some extra facilities for the guests. Our sales representative – Melissa Setzer worked directly with Maggie to help ensure the restroom aspect of the event was a success. As always, she followed up to ask how it all went. Maggie typed this out on her iPhone:

“It was fabulous! Thank you so much, very very nice bathroom units for our guests, they were much appreciated! You guys do a wonderful job, thank you!”

A later followup email made us even happier:

“We honestly were so impressed with the service, so extremely nice when you have an event to plan, you made it so easy with delivery and pick up. One less thing to stress about! Thank you!!”

You’re welcome Maggie! And Happy Birthday to your Mom.