Port a Potty Trivia – The Inception of the Portable Restroom:

Area Restroom Solutions PP Photo Timeline(LR)

The first port-a-potties were designed for people who worked in the ship building yards of Long Beach, California, to save laborers from going back and forth to the dock when they needed a restroom.  To save time a wooden cabana with a small holding tank was devised as the first portable toilet. This unique concept soon spread to the construction industry and to organizers of large, crowded events.

Initially, the first porta potties were constructed of wood and metal, making them heavy and difficult to transport. These materials also absorbed odors and were difficult to keep sanitary. In the early 1970’s, portable toilets made of fiberglass were introduced, which were lighter and easier to transport. Fiberglass still proved to be problematic due to its brittle nature as well as its tendency to absorb odors in the cabana and holding tank.  By the mid-1970’s, polyethylene portable toilets were introduced, which is what we still use today.  The revolution of polyethylene portable toilets resulted in lightweight and durable restrooms with smooth non-porous surfaces that are easy to clean and sanitize.  George Harding received the first US patent on the porta potty in 1962.

Area Restroom Solutions cleans, sanitizes and restocks with paper products and deodorants as part of their rental services on a weekly service basis that is determined by the overall frequency of uses.  At the time of service, Area Restroom Solutions sends a pump truck to the toilet site whereas the driver sanitizes the inside of the toilet’s holding tank and cabin and “recharges” the holding tank with fresh deodorizer.  The driver refills supplies (toilet paper, soap and fresh water), leaving customers with a clean portable restroom. The waste is then transported for proper sanitary disposal. Just think how far the portable sanitation industry has come, since it’s inception – see all the transformations that have been made by previewing our special event units.

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