Get Crafty with Toilet Paper Rolls

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12 Great Seasonal Toilet Paper Roll Craft Projects Ideas

Being in the portable restroom industry we have our fair share of left over toilet paper rolls. That being said, I was amazed with all the different craft projects out there on sites like Pinterest that had a plethora of very cool ideas on how to put these items to good use.

With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, these crafty projects will come in very handy and help spruce up the office or home. Plus, at the same time it will give you an opportunity to get together with girlfriends, your children, etc. and spend some quality time crafting with a common household item.

My personal favorites are the toilet paper roll pumpkins which are so cute and easy. There are a few ways to make the stem, but I’m thinking I’m going to cut some branches and use for this purpose vs. using the rolled brown felt. I also really like the family tree collage for the wall. It’s amazing to me how many cool things can be made with toilet paper rolls and all the creative people out there who come up with these ideas. Check out all the links below for further details and ideas.

1) Link for Pumpkins: –

2) Link for Turkey: –

3) Link for Pilgrims and Indians: –

4) Link for Family Tree: –

5) Link for Owls: –

6) Holiday Gift Boxes: –

7) Santa, Elf & Reindeer: –

8) Holiday Gift Crackers –

9) Choir Singers –

10) Holiday Light String –

11) Race Cars –

12) Holiday Christmas Tree –